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Media Relations and Publications Manager for both the Institute of Gerontology and the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Child & Family Development   

Training Offered

BrainStorm: A Workout for the Mind

Sessions conducted with Donna MacDonald to educate the public about brain health and behaviors that are protective of brain function. Call or email for information on how you can bring BrainStorm to your organization. It's a fun, interactive, roughly hour-long workshop.

Job Description

   Media Relations and Communications

   Institute of Gerontology (IOG)

Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Child & Family Development (MPSI)



I.  Communications


A.    Write and edit IOG and MPSI Biannual Reports

B.   Writing and editing with deadline and budget adherence for: 

                    1.   IOG Transitions Newsletter (two per year)

                    2.   Newly launched Imprints Newsletter for MPSI (two per year)

3.  Assist with writing/editing of Healthier Black Elders Newsletter (two per year)

C.  General writing, editing and proofing of IOG and MPSI marketing and development materials

D. Post on social media for IOG and MPSI accounts, primarily Facebook and Twitter                 


II. Media Relations and Public Awareness


A.  Contact print and broadcast media to increase awareness of IOG and MPSI

B.  Write and distribute press releases and human interest stories on IOG and MPSI faculty, alumni and donors

          C. Field and follow-through on media requests, including broadcast appearances

          D. Garner publicity for HBE, Art of Aging and Giant Step Teen Conference annual public events

          E.  Post publicity on IOG and MPSI websites



III. Fund-Raising and Development


A.    Write grant proposals for MPSI

B.    Liaison with IOG and MPSI BOV members and individual donors; plan alumni events

C.    Create marketing materials

D.   Write IOG and MPSI annual appeal letters


IV. Conference Planning and Organization


A.  Major responsibility for MPSI Giant Step Teen Conference and separate Community Luncheon

                    1.  Executive committee member

                    2.  Steering Committee member

                    3.  Appeal letters and fund-raising

                    4.  Research tabulation

                    5.  Media coverage

           B. Secondary responsibility for MPSI Healthier Urban Families CE conferences

                    1.  Write promotional materials

                    2.  Assist with organization

C.  Assist as needed in any aspect of event planning and execution for IOG Art of Aging Successfully, Healthier Black Elders Health Reception, and Issues in Aging

Professional Service


Media Relations
 Institute of Gerontology, Wayne State University
        In this first of two workshops, we will discuss the fundamentals of journalism, print versus broadcast media, story angles, the elements of a good story, and preparing for the interview. We will try to see news gathering from the journalist's point of view and discuss how to package achievements to improve press coverage.
        Please bring along an idea for a news story gleaned from your current work or research interests for discussion and analysis as time allows.
        Cheryl Deep got her journalism degree from Northwestern University and her M.A. in writing from Washington University in St. Louis. She was editor-in-chief of Midweek Magazine in Hawaii, public relations supervisor for Masters & Johnson Institute, a business writer and editor for McDonnell Douglas Astronautics (now Boeing), a humor columnist in Australia, and co-wrote the book "How to Survive Your Adolescent's Adolescence" for parents of teenagers.
          In addition to media relations at the IOG, Cheryl heads Deep Communications, a small business that provides freelance writing and editing services and gives workshops on communication issues to students and adults. She is also the Health Alliance Plan spokesperson for Walk Fit, speaking at corporate functions about HAP's newest exercise program for good health.


Professional Associations

Society of Professional Journalists

The International Women's Writing Guild

National Association for Gifted Children




Editor-in-Chief, Transitions Newsletters, spring and fall of 2006 - Present.

Editor-in-Chief, Institute of Gerontology and Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute Biannual Reports, 2006 - Present.

"Experts in Aging" monthly column, Mature Advisor Magazine, continuously from November 2006 through March 2008.

"Portraits of Homelessness," Wayne State Alumni Magazine, Fall 2006.

"Experts in Aging" feature article, Mature Advisor Magazine, October 2006.

Institute of Gerontology Annual Report, October 2006.

"Care Gifting: The Gift of Providing Care for a Loved One," Michigan Women's Forum, August 14, 2006.

"Artistry, Compassion Inspire Escape from Homelessness," Life@Wayne, July 18, 2006.

"Back on Track," Michigan Women’s Forum, October 2005.

"The Aging Brain," Senior Advocate, Fall/Winter 2005.

"Depression in Elderly May Predict Stroke," Senior Advocate, Fall/Winter 2005.         




          How to Survive Your Adolescent's Adolescence,  with Kolodny, R; Kolodny, N. and Bratter, T.  (Little Brown, 1984).  Approximately 40,000 copies of this non-fiction book sold throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  Reviewed in Publishers' Weekly and The New York Times Review of Books.


          "Sexuality in Everyday Life" and "In Vitro Fertilization: The Birth of Louise Brown," in Textbook of Human Sexuality, Master, W.; Johnson, V. and Kolodny, R. (Little Brown, 1982).