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Wei Lu

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Wei Lu was admitted to the Economics Graduate program in 2007 and has been an IOG trainee since August of 2011.  She has completed all course work and passed all doctoral qualification exams.  Her faculty advisor is Dr. Gail Jensen Summers.


Major courses:

ECO 7050 Macroeconomics Theory 1
ECO 7060 Macroeconomics Theory 2
ECO 7000 Microeconomics Theory 1
ECO 7010 Microeconomics Theory 2
ECO 7550 Economics of Health Care 1
ECO 7560 Economics of Health Care 2

Statistics courses:

ECO 6100 Introduction to Econometrics
ECO 7020 Fundamentals of Economics Analysis
ECO 7100 Econometrics 1
ECO 7110 Econometrics 2
ECO 7120 Econometrics 3

Minor courses:

ECO 7200 Industrial Organization 1
ECO 7210 Industrial Organization 2
ECO 7400 Labor Economics and Human Resource
ECO 7700 Advanced Macroeconomics

Other courses:

ECO 6000 Price and Allocation Theory
ECO 6050 Macroeconomics
ECO 6720 Advanced Financial Economics

Professional Service

Institute of Gerontology volunteer at Art of Aging Successfully Conference, 2012
Institute of Gerontology volunteer at Issues in Aging Conference, 2012

Professional Associations

Gerontological Society of America, Student Member, 2011-present

Academic Experience

Principals of Microeconomics, Wayne State University