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IOG Student Highlight
IOG Trainee is an ER Hero - Posted June 19, 2020
Dwana Bass, MSN, RN, an Institute of Gerontology (#IOG) trainee and doctoral student in nursing here at WSU, has been working as a staff nurse at the Henry Ford Sterling Heights Emergency Room, at the leading edge of the Coronavirus pandemic. There she cares for acutely ill patients, many of whom visit the ER daily for sudden or mis-managed illnesses. During the pandemic she has cared for Covid-19 patients who were frequently very worried about having Covid-19 yet were often sent back home with instructions about how to manage and treat their symptoms. Dwana has also seen very sick Covid-19 patients at the ER who required hospitalization and respiratory support. 

Dwana started working as an ER staff nurse in January 2020. She took the job because her ultimate goal is to educate future nurses after completing her nursing PhD. She had worked as an Injury Prevention Coordinator for Henry Ford Hospital's Trauma Department, which was community oriented with little hands-on patient care. Dwana embraced this ER position as a return to direct patient care that provided hands-on nursing experience. 

Dwana says the ER patients have been ever so grateful for the time and care they've received. Many have said, "I hate to bother you with this," which is heartfelt, but she assures them that she and all the staff are there for them; they shouldn't wait until it's too late to seek care. Although Dwana has sacrificed time and her normal routine with her family (for fear of passing the virus to them), she wouldn't trade it for anything. She says it almost feels like every time she goes into work, their ER team is personally fighting Covid-19. Everyone on staff is determined to beat it! 

Before Covid-19 hit, Dwana had planned to help with several IOG community outreach events and then to develop and defend her PhD dissertation proposal. All of this has been put on hold, as she prioritized caring for patients and fighting Covid-19. Dwana has put herself at risk in the fight to save multiple lives and help vulnerable folks in metro Detroit survive this awful pandemic.