Latoya Hall

Latoya Hall

Research Assistant/Program Director

Latoya Hall

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Financial security in later adulthood and old age, a central feature of successful aging, is a core focus of my interests and practice. Specifically, in my career I seek to advance research, practice, and program service delivery that can promote positive adult financial decision-making, discovering and addressing factors that influence the financial decisions of older adults, retirement security, research participation and retention of minorities and health disparities. I am dedicated to broadening the programs and policies which ensure older adults have healthy and successful aging experiences on their own terms.

Throughout my MSW career I have been committed to working on financial issues impacting vulnerable populations generally, but recently transitioned into gerontology because of my interest in the aging process and finances in older age. In my current position I direct the Success After Financial Exploitation (SAFE) program. The coordination of this programs has allowed me to be involved in data collection, management and analysis. I have also had the opportunity to coauthor multiple papers on the topic of cognition and financial management.




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Institute of Gerontology
87 East Ferry
226 Knapp Bldg.
Detroit, MI 48202


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Lichtenberg, P., Campbell, R. Hall, L. & Gross. E. (2020) Context matters: Financial, psychological, and relationship insecurity around personal finance is associated with financial exploitation. The Gerontologist, 60(6): 1040-1049.


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