Roya Homayouni

Roya Homayouni

Roya Homayouni

Bio Sketch

Post Doctoral Researcher in Lifespan Cognitive Neuroscience


  • Ph.D. Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychology, WSU, Detroit, MI
  • M.A. Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychology, WSU, Detroit, MI
  • M.A. Psychology, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran
  • B.A. Psychology, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran 


Research Focus

 Roya is mainly interested in structural brain development across the lifespan and how it gives rise to cognitive functioning across age. She is particularly interested in the age trajectories of hippocampal subfields and the sources of individual differences in the developmental changes.

Office Location

87 East Ferry St., room 253 Knapp Building


Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Data Management and Statistics in R, RDA Unit, WSU
  • Psychology of Learning and Memory, WSU 
  • Statistical Methods in Psychology, WSU 
  • Introductory Psychology, WSU 




  •  Homayouni, R., Canada, K. L., Saifullah, S., Foster, D., Thill, C., Daugherty, A., Ofen N. (2023). Age-related differences in the hippocampal subfield volumes across the lifespan: A meta-analysis. Hippocampus.
  • Homayouni, R., Daugherty, A. M., Raz, N., Ofen, N. (2023). KIBRA single nucleotide polymorphism is associated with cognitive functioning and hippocampal subfield volumes across development. Brain Structure and Function.
  • Canada, K. L., Homayouni, R., Yu, Q., Foster, D., Daugherty, A. M., Ofen, N. (2023). Household socioeconomic status relates to specific hippocampal subfield volumes across development. Hippocampus.
  • Homayouni, R., Yu, Q., Ramesh, S., Tang, L., Daugherty, A. M., Ofen, N. (2021). Test-retest consistency of hippocampal subfields volumetric measures in a developmental sample: implications for longitudinal developmental studies. Journal of Neuroscience Research
  • Yu, Q., Anderson, D., Homayouni, R., Tang, L., Chen, D., Schoff, D., Nishimura, M., Ofen, N. (2018). Age-associated increase in mnemonic strategy use is linked to prefrontal cortex development. NeuroImage 181, 162-196

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