Emily Flores

Emily Flores

Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology


Emily Flores

Bio Sketch

Emily is a student in clinical psychology doctoral program at Wayne State University, with minors in neuropsychology and measurement. She is a predoctoral training fellow of the Institute of Gerontology.
Emily's research interests include improving the ecological validity of neuropsychological assessments for individuals with acquired brain impairment, such as dementia and traumatic brain injury. She is especially interested in lessening the healthcare equity gap by researching, creating, and norming neuropsychological tests that can be used for assessing Spanish-speaking individuals. Her current project is validating a Spanish translation of scales designed to assess financial capacity and risk of exploitation among older adults.

Research Focus

  • Psychological Assessment 
  • Ecological Validity
  • Dementia
  • Cross Cultural Psychology
  • Traumatic Brain Injury


  •  B.S., Psychology and Child Learning & Development, 2018
  • M.S., Clinical Psychology with specilization in Neuropsychology, 2020
  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology minor in Neuropsychology, 2021-Current

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