Community Engaged Research and Resources

Our research team specializes in aging services and community-based support and has a long history of helping organizations and communities to make data driven decisions about how to better serve and support older people. We specialize in developing tools and metrics for program planning, implementation, evaluation, and resource allocation. Analysis of activities, outputs, and impacts can help monitor and document progress and assess effectiveness. We involve our partners at each stage of throughout our engaged process to ensure that the results are relevant and actionable. We have worked with governmental and community-based organizations, aging service providers, and others in the aging network, whether through consultation or collaboration, so that they can get the information they need to make sound decisions. Learn more about our expertise and partners below, which includes:

Evaluation: Logic models, program evaluation, questionaire development, secondary data analysis

Visuals: Maps, infographics, presentations

Research Methods: Focus groups, individual interviews, survey instruments

Adovacy: Policy analysis, white papers

Partners: Community based organizations, foundations, and service providers we have worked with include:

  • Michigan Aging and Adult Services Agency
  • The Senior Alliance
  • Adult Well Being Services
  • Monroe County Commission on Aging
  • City of Huntington Woods
  • Marketing Resource Group
  • Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency
  • Elder Law of Michigan
  • Southeast Michigan Senior Regional Collaborative
  • United Way for Southeastern Michigan
  • Michigan State Housing Development Authority
  • Luella Hannan Memorial Foundation
  • Calhoun County Office of Senior Services
  • American House Foundation
  • The Kresge Foundation


Tools to enhance interactions with older adults

Communication 101: Guidelines for Improving Interactions with Older Adults 

Outreach & Engagement: Strategies for Connecting with Older Adults

Technology Support for Older Users: Video Tutorials

Caregiver Resources: Caregiver Connection: eStories & Resources for People Who Care


Publications & Reports


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