The EAR is an innovative, active group of older adults who plan and execute the annual Art of Aging Successfully Conference, hosted by the IOG. They also provide feedback on issues affecting older adults in the Detroit area that helps in developing relevant outreach programs. Most members are over age 60, retired or semi-retired, with a deep interest in improving the well-being of older adults.


Donna MacDonald (In-House Chair) is the Director of Community Outreach and Professional Development for the IOG. Donna provides direction for the Art of Aging Conference, Issues in Aging Conference, and more than 200 CE programs provided each year for professionals who work with older adults.

Pat Baldwin is the director of Beyond U and volunteers services at the Hannan Center for Lifelong Learning in Detroit

Pam Byrnes

Cheryl Deep is the media Relations and Publications Manager for both the Institute of Gerontology and the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Child & Family Development.

Carol Edwards is also a member of the IOG Board of Visitors and has been volunteering for the IOG since 2012.  She received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Walsh College. Retired from the Oakland County Intermediate School District, where her position included interacting with local school districts, and working with non-profit and for-profit organizations in the community.

Dorothy Jackson retired as a schoolteacher from Detroit Public Schools.

Barbara Kopasz retired as an associate vice president for Health Alliance Plan. She is also a member of the IOG Board of Visitors.

Donna MacDonald

Mildred Matlock is a retired healthcare executive for the Detroit Medical Center who enjoys public speaking and inspiring older adults.

Susan McEwan is a retired registered nurse with Beaumont Health System.

Kanu Mehta

Gloria Myers retired from the banking and financial services industry.

Laura Sutherland

Deborah L. Vinson retired from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago after a 30+ year career in banking operations, audit, supervision and regulation. A graduate of Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan, she is an avid crafter who loves sunshine, smiles and making good things happen, especially to older adults.

2020/2021 IOG Report