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Why Give to the Institute of Gerontology?

The number of older Americans (65+) in the US is growing at 300% the rate of the general population. We must find answers to the problems faced by older adults and their families. This can only be accomplished by combining quality research with a wide network of community engagement.

The Institute of Gerontology is among the country's top gerontology research institutes – and the only one with an outreach and education program that reaches more than 10,000 older adults and professionals each year. While our accomplishments have been great, we can do more. Your gift can make a difference to our research, students and the communities we serve.


The Institute of Gerontology Endowment: Invest in the Future of Aging

The IOG Endowment was established in 2018 to provide unrestricted, long-term funding to support our mission. An endowment operates much like a retirement account. Funds are carefully invested so the endowment can grow to support future plans. Earnings generated by these investments are added to the annual IOG budget.

Our endowment is currently valued at $2 million. Our goal is to build the endowment to $2.5 million by 2024, generating 4.5% income each year in perpetuity. Reaching this goal will significantly enhance our mission of making life better for older adults in Detroit and beyond.

Education Fund
One mission of the IOG is passing current knowledge to older adults, their families and the professionals that serve them. We provide annual conferences, smaller learning forums, a twice monthly colloquia series, an speaker's bureau, and a media department that generates an IOG newsletter and articles for local and national publications. The funding for this effort is generated almost exclusively by our donors.

Planned Giving
Making gifts for the benefit of others is an excellent way to affirm your values and priorities while refining your financial and estate planning. The Planned Gifts staff can help you create your legacy.

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