IOG Research Topics

Financial Gerontology

Research into financial decision-making, assessing community needs; and the impacts of governmental insurance programs on older adult health.

Explores aging and brain health through a variety of psychological pathways.

Health Disparities and Disability
Reseach focused on understanding and eradicating health disadvantages among minority populations.

Mental Health and Physical Well-being
Research directed at improving the quality of life for people with physical and cognitive impairments.


Archived Research Projects Since 2000

IOG Research Labs

Research Colloquia
The IOG research colloquia are opportunities for researchers and aging experts to present their work meant to provide enrichment to graduate students and faculty as well as community members and partners.

IOG Research Faculty

Research Volunteer Pool
African American men and women aged 55 and older who are interested in noninvasive research and willing to consider participation in future research projects.