Awards and Honors


Two IOG Pre-Docs are Neitzel Summer Fellowship Winners
Roya Homayouni and Qin Yin, both IOG pre-docs working in cognitive neuroscience, have were awarded the Neitzel Summer Fellowship to support their 2021 summer research.  

NCCU Honors former IOG Trainee for Excellence in Teaching
LaShawn Wordlaw, Ph.D., 
an associate professor in the Department of Public Health Education, who deploys multiple forms of technology when engaging with students. "I enjoy learning new approaches to teaching," Wordlaw said. Her classes are filled with recorded lectures, video clips, student presentations and discussions about current events. Soon, she plans to add small-group work to her online courses using case studies. "I think small-group work will be helpful as students benefit from peer-to-peer experiences," she said.  Wordlaw credits her mentor, Peter Lichtenberg, Ph.D., as . . . READ Complete Story

FALL 2020


Dr. Jeske Damoiseaux promoted to associate professor with tenure in the Department of Psychology in August.

Dr. Wassim Tarraf earned a promotion to associate professor with tenure in the Department of Health Care Sciences in August.

Erika Squires, pre-doc trainee, co-first authors an article in the American Journal of Audiology on educational materials for age-related hearing loss. READ ADA ARTICLE

DETROIT – Peter Lichtenberg, Ph.D., ABPP, director of the Institute of Gerontology at Wayne State University, has won the 2020 Specialty Board Award in Geropsychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). ABPP is the country's primary organization for specialty board certification in psychology, promoting quality services through professional examination and certification. Lichtenberg became one of the country's first board-certified clinical geropsychologists in 2012. READ STORY

IOG pre-doc trainee Roya Houmani won the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation Award 2020-21-HERE


Acclaim for a Bright Future
DeAnnah Byrd, PhD, won the James Zim- mer New Investigator Research Award for 2018 from the American Public Health Association. This award recognizes past excellence and the promise of future excellence in research and leadership in new investiga- tors within five years of completing their PhD.. Dr. Byrd submitted her manuscript Black-White Cognitive Trajectories: What Ages Do Differences Emerge? She is a postdoctoral scholar in Wayne State's Postdoc to Faculty Transition program.

The Spirit of Our IOG Community
IOG Outreach Director Donna MacDonald is a finalist in Wayne State's annual Spirit of Commu- nity award ceremony. Her high quality outreach programs have grown exponentially to educate more than 10,000 older adults and professionals every year. Donna em- bodies this engagement with the metro Detroit community that Wayne State values. She insures that every touchpoint we have with a local resident is informed, respectful, helpful and honest. The winner will be announced at the April ceremony.

Most Downloaded of the Year
Cognitive neuroscience researcher Ana Daugherty, PhD, is first author on an article in the journal Hippocampus cited as one of the most downloaded in 2018. The paper explains the ongoing work of a large international collaboration of more than 200 scientists from 15 countries to create methods of measuring subfields of the hip- pocampus through MRI. The work impacts memory development, aging and pathologies like Alzheimer's disease. IOG faculty mem- bers Naftali Raz, PhD and Noa Ofen, PhD, are co-authors.

Travel on Us
Predoctoral trainees Caitlin Cassady, Lingfei Tang, Chaitali Anand and Qijing Yu won monetary awards to help cover their travel to March conferences to present research. Caitlin heads to Portland for the Society for Applied Anthropology meeting to pres- ent: Educating for Activism and Relevance: Learning through Anthro- pology and Social Work. Lingfei flies to San Francisco for the Cogni- tive Neuroscience Society meeting. He will discuss the reliability of functional MRI measures in characterizing memory development in children and adults. Chaitali will attend the same conference to discuss age differences in the hippocampus that affect learning and memory. Qijing visits the Society for Research in Child Develop- ment in Baltimore to talk about the role of the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex in young children. Congrats to all.


IOG Best 3- Minute Thesis Competition 
Chaitali Anand for Aging to Alzheimer's: The Search for Biomarkers- Chaitali Anand
Evan Gross for Financial Decision-Making Self-Efficacy and Cognitive Decline

IOG - Best Podium Presentation
Rebecca Campbell - Self-reported Sensory Impairment is Related to Better Memory Performance

IOG - Best Poster Presentation
John Lynn - T1 Mapping for the Characterization of the Cortex throughout the LifespanA Tie for Winner of the 2016 Olson Memorial Award for Best Paper in Gerontology

Congratulations to pre-docs, Nasim Ferdows and Qijing Yu. The selection committee judged these papers to be in a dead heat for first place for this award. Both submissions were equally strong, well written, and have important and intriguing findings. Both winners will receive $500 as part of this award. Below are the titles and abstracts of their submissions. 
Again, congratulations to both Nasim and Qijing on this impressive achievement!

Healthy Aging after Age 65: A Life Span Health Production Function Approach 
Abstract: This paper examines the determinants of healthy aging using Grossman's framework of a health production function. Healthy aging is produced using a variety of inputs, determined in early life, young adulthood, mid-life and later-life. A healthy aging production function is estimated using nationally representative data from the 2010 Health and Retirement Study on n=9,478 non-institutionalized seniors. Using a simultaneous equations mediation model we quantify how childhood factors contribute to healthy aging, both directly and indirectly through their effects on mediating adult outcomes. We find that favorable childhood conditions significantly improve healthy aging scores, both directly and indirectly, mediated through education, income, and wealth. We also find that good health habits have positive effects on healthy aging that are larger in magnitude than the effects of childhood factors. Our findings suggest that exercising, maintaining a proper weight, and not smoking can more than compensate for unfavorable conditions experienced as a child.

Socioeconomic Status Linked to Differences in Hippocampal Volume in Childhood 
 Abstract: The development of the hippocampus is affected by environmental factors that can be captured by an individual's socioeconomic status (SES). It is unclear, however, whether the relation between SES and hippocampal volume is stable across age. We investigated the relation between hippocampal volume, estimated by rigorous manual demarcation with high reliability, and SES in children (N=31, 8-12 years-old) and young adults (N=32, 18-25 years-old). There was a positive relation between hippocampal volume and SES in the group of children, but not in the adults. Bigger hippocampal volume was also associated with better memory, suggesting that the SES-related hippocampal volume may contribute to individual differences in memory.

IOG Sweeps Top Awards at 2016 WSU Graduate & Post-Doc Research Exhibition

Christina Wong won 1st Place
Nasim Ferdows and Lingfei Tang won 2nd Place
Qijing Yu and Andria Norman won 3rd Place.

They competed among 125-150 graduate students from disciplines across campus and were recognized for their hard work, dedication, and ability to clearly communicate your work to others.

2015 Graduate Trainee Awards

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan $3,000 Dissertation Grant – Nasim Ferdows, Christina Wong

Elizabeth Olson Award for Best Gerontology Paper  – Mike Sugarman
Charles Gdowski Memorial Award – Mike Sugarman
Graduate Professional Tuition Scholarship for – Pamela May
Ross and Margaret Stagner Memorial Award  – Mike Sugarman
Gerald Rosenbaum Clinical Psychology Award  – Annalise Rahman-Filipiak

1st Place Presentation: Sheria Robinson for "The experiences of Black elders Managing Chronic Pain."
1st Place Poster: Muzamil Arshad for his translational neuroscience poster, "Characterizing Age Related Differences in White Matter Microstructure."

2014 Graduate Trainee Awards

Elizabeth Olson Award for Best Gerontology Paper – Annalise Rahman-Filipiak
John Teahan Memorial Award for exceptional clinical skills – Mike Sugarman

1st Place Presentation: Peng Yuan for "Prefrontal Cortex and executive Functions in Healthy Adults."
1st Place Poster: Ana Daugherty for "Age, Sex and Regional Brain Correlates of Path Complexity in Virtual Water Maze Navigation." This poster also took 3rd prize at the 2014 WSU Graduate Exhibition.

2012 & 2013 Trainee Awards

The IOG was recognized by the Gerontological Society of America, the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education, and the Geriatric Social Work Initiative as one of 26 institutions nationwide to receive grant funding for their 2012 Careers in Aging event organized by trainees Ana Daugherty and Pamela May. About 120 students and professionals interested in a career change attended.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Dissertation Grant (2013) – Ana Daugherty

1st Place Excellence in Research Award, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (2012) – Elham Mahmoudi WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY

Graduate Student President, IOG – Annalise Rahman-Filipiak (2012)
Graduate Student Vice-President, IOG – Annalise Rahman-Filipiak (2013)
Graduate Professional Tuition Scholarship for (2013-2014) – Pamela May
Steven A. Lewis Memorial Award for excellence in research (2013) – Ana Daugherty
Leonard Moss Award for Graduate Teaching Excellence, Anthropology Department (2013) - Wendy Bartlo Elizabeth Olson Award for best written paper in gerontology – Andrew Bender (2012), Ana Daugherty (2013) Gerald Rosenbaum Clinical Psychology Award (2013) – Michael Sugarman

Rumble Fellowship Award for outstanding academic ability – Andrew Bender (2012), Ana Daugherty (2013) Rumble Fellowship Award for the Development of Research and Scholarship (2013) - Michael Sugarman Rumble Fellowship Award (2012) – Beth Simmert
John Teahan Memorial Award (2013) – Annalise Rahman-Filipiak

Julie A Thomas Memorial Scholarship Award (2013) – Ana Daugherty First Place Prize at the Graduate Poster Session, Department of Psychology (2012) – Andrew Bender


First Place - Wei Lu for Effects of Common Policy Restrictions in Long Term Care Insurance on the Likelihood of Ever Qualifying for Bene ts Third Place – Ana Daugherty for Human Navigation De cit is Associated with Hippocampal Sub eld Volume


First Place – Andrew Bender for Prefrontal white matter volume and systolic blood pressure mediate age-related differences in processing speed and working memory in ApoE E4 carriers Second Place – Annalise Rahman-Filipiak for Physical health variables predict additional variance in late-life cognitive, memory, mood and functional outcomes beyond demographics Third Place – Ana Daugherty for Age-related differences in spatial navigation are mediated by increased iron presence in the basal ganglia

IOG TRAVEL AWARDS to Present Research at:
The American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology, Chicago (2013) – Annalise Rahman-Filipiak
The American Public Health Association Conference (2012) – Elham Mahmoudi
The International Neuropsychological Society, Montreal, Canada (2012) – Pamela May
The Society for Neuroscience, Washington, D.C. (2012) – Andrew Bender, Ana Daugherty, Yiqin Yang The Society for Neuroscience, New Orleans (2013) – Andrew Bender, Ana Daugherty 

2011 Trainee Awards

Association for Gerontology in Higher education, ioG student representative – Ana Daugherty
Carroll l. estes prize from the Gerontological society of America (GsA) – Elham Mahmoudi
Dissertation Fellowship Award from the Boston College Center for Retirement Research and the social security Administration – Elham Mahmoudi Gerontological society of America (GsA) Junior scholar Award for senior service – Elham Mahmoudi

Charles Matthews Award for pre-doctoral research in neuropsychology from the Midwest neuropsychology Group, Chicago – Annalise Rahman

Behavioral and Cognitive neuroscience student representative – Ana Daugherty
Elizabeth olson Award for best written paper in gerontology – Jinghua Huang, Ph.D.
Graduate student president, ioG – Ana Daugherty
Norine Johnson scholarship Award for excellence in scholarship, practicum training and clinical service – Daniel Paulson samuel M. levin economics Award for the year's best paper on economics – Elham Mahmoudi


First place prize at the Graduate poster session, Department of psychology – Andrew Bender
First place prize for research on changing racial and ethnic disparities at the Wsu inaugural Graduate exhibition – Elham Mahmoudi institute of Gerontology 2010 Fall poster session Winners:

First place – Andrew Bender for A Combined Effect of Elevated Pulse Pressure and ApoE e4 Genotype on Recognition Memory second place – Elham Mahmoudi for Changing Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Access to Physician Care among Older Adults third place – Daniel Paulson for Depression, Cognitive Functioning and Mortality in an Old-Old Sample

IOG awards to present research at:
the Association for Gerontology in Higher education, Cincinnati – Elham Mahmoudi
the international neuropsychological society Conference, Boston – Pamela May, Daniel Paulson the society for neuroscience, san Diego – Peng Yuan
the southern economic Association, Atlanta – Jingua Huang Ph.D.

Wsu Dean of students Award and ioG award to present research at the Dallas Aging and Cognition Conference – Andrew Bender, Ana Daugherty 

2010 Trainee Awards

Carroll L. Estes prize from the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) – nayoung Kim Emerging Scholar and Professional Organization Poster Award from the GSA – nayoung Kim Graduate Student Representative to American Psychological Association Division 20

(Adult Development and Aging) – Andrew Bender
IOG Student Representative at the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education – Ana Daugherty
Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research (MCUAAAR) Diversity Supplement Grant – Jean Burton National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research Stipend Award – stacey schepens

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) Foundation Dissertation Grant – Daniel Paulson Excellence in Research Award for Students, BCBSM Foundation – Jinghua Huang, Elham Mahmoudi WSU Student Ambassador at 2010 Michigan Graduate Education Day in Lansing – Jinghua Huang

Graduate Student Instruction of a Lecture Section Award, Psychology Department – Daniel Paulson Graduate Student Research Day Poster Award, School of Medicine, 2nd Place for

Diverging Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Access to Physician Care (2000-2007) – Elham Mahmoudi Heberlein Excellence in Teaching Award, Psychology Department graduate school – Daniel Paulson President, IOG Graduate Student Organization – Andrew Bender
Research Assistant Scholarship – Jinghua Huang

Vice President, Student Society for Neuroscience – Kirk Rodgers


Institute of Gerontology Fall Poster Session Winners

1st Effectiveness of Tailoring Falls Prevention --stacey schepens
2nd Effects of Path Characteristics and Cognitive Resources on Age-related Differences in Visual Path Integration-Emily Briceno 3rd Effects of Age and Navigation Strategy Preference on Virtual Morris Water Maze Performance --Kirk Rodgers

Pre-doctoral Trainee Award to attend the Society for Neuroscience meeting, Chicago – Andrew Bender, Yiqin Yang Pre-doctoral Trainee Award to attend the Cognitive Aging Conference, Atlanta – Andrew Bender, Daniel Paulson Wayne State University Dean of Students Award to attend the Cognitive Aging Conference, Atlanta – Andrew Bender 

2009 Trainees Award


Academy Health 2009 Student Poster Award Finalist, Chicago – nayoung Kim
American Psychological Association Division 20 Award for Completed Master's Research – Brooke schneider National Institutes of Aging Grants Technical Assistance Workshop – Cheryl Dahle, Awantika Deshmukh


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation Student Award – nayoung Kim, stacey schepens
Excellence in Research Award for Students, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation – Brooke schneider SEMTEC Instructional Technology Annual Scholarship – stacey schepens
Wayne State University Representative for Graduate Education Week in Michigan – nayoung Kim, stacey schepens


Dissertation Research Award – M. Kirk rodgers
Dissertation Research Support Grant – stacey schepens
Graduate Professional Scholarship – emily Briceno, Cheryl Dahle, stacey schepens Levin Award from the Department of Economics – edmundo reyes


Institute of Gerontology – Brooke schneider (1st), Cheryl Dahle (2nd), stacey schepens (3rd) Wayne State University Psychology Department Clinical Area Poster Graduate Award – Pamela May


American Psychological Association Conference – Brooke schneider
Gerontological Society of America Behavioral and Social Sciences Section – Cheryl Dahle Institute of Gerontology – nayoung Kim, edmundo reyes
International Academy of Business and Economics Conference (twice) – edmundo reyes International Neuropsychological Society Conference, Atlanta – Pamela May
Organization Travel Award – Cheryl Dahle
Wayne State University Graduate Student Professional Award – nayoung Kim, stacey schepens 

2008 Trainee Awards


Board of Governors Grant – Andrea Nevedal
Campus Life Leadership Award – Andrew Bender
College Research Day Award,1st Place – Stacey Schepens
Dean of Students/Student Council Award – Andrea Nevedal
Dissertation Award – Emily Briceno, Awantika Deshmukh
Graduate Professional Scholarship – Emily Briceno, Cheryl Dahle, Stacey Schepens Graduate Teaching Assistantship – Andrea Nevedal
King, Jr. / Chavez / Parks Future Faculty Fellowship – Edmundo Reyes
Murray Jackson Endowed Scholarship Award – Andrea Nevedal


IOG – Andrew Bender (1st), Awantika Deshmukh, Stacey Schepens Michigan Physical Therapy Association – Stacey Schepens (1st)
Julie A. Thomas Award – Andrew Bender


Alliance Graduate Education Professoriate – Angela Guy Lee
American Psychological Association – Brooke Schneider
Department of Psychology – Andrew Bender, Cheryl Dahle, Brooke Schneider King, Jr. / Chavez / Parks Conference Future Faculty – Edmundo Reyes
Wayne State University Graduate Student Professional – Stacey Schepens Wayne State University Dean of Students / Student Council – Andrea Nevedal


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation Student Award – Stacey Schepens Distinguished Master's Thesis, Midwest Assoc. of Graduate Schools – Brooke Schneider Hubert and Elsie Watson Endowed Memorial Scholarship – Stacey Schepens
SCAN Elder Law Center Scholarship – Andrea Nevedal

Society for Neuroscience (Michigan Chapter) Duncan McCarthy Award – Andrew Bender NATIONAL

Who's Who in Healthcare, Honors Edition – Stacey Schepens

Golden Key International Honour Society Scholar Award – Edmundo Reyes 

2007 Trainee Awards


Board of Governors Grant – Andrea Nevedal
Charles L. Gdowski Award (Psychology) – Michelle Leonard
College of Science Dissertation Award (Psychology) – Michelle Leonard
Dissertation Fellowship – Yong Li
Elizabeth Olson Award – Lindsey Martin
Graduate Academic Scholarship – Edmundo Reyes
Graduate Professional Scholarship – Paul Cernin, Stacey Schepens
Latino en Marcha Scholarship Highest Award – Edmundo Reyes
Latinos de Livonia Scholarship Highest Award – Edmundo Reyes
Martin Luther King, Jr./Caesar Chavez/Rosa Parks Future Faculty Fellowship – Edmundo Reyes Margaret Ledbetter Endowed Scholarship (Education) – Stacey Schepens
Unrestricted Private Scholarship – Stacey Schepens
Mr. and Mrs. Moses Ziegler Scholarship Award – Andrea Nevedal
Thomas C. Rumble Fellowship (Anthropology) – Lindsey Martin
Ross and Margaret Stagner Memorial Award – Michelle Leonard
Julie A. Thomas Award (Psychology) – Awantika Deshmukh

Poster Session Juried Awards

Institute of Gerontology – Paul Cernin, Kristen Kennedy, Brooke Schneider Department of Psychology – Paul Cernin

Travel Awards

Department of Anthropology – Jean Burton, Lindsey Martin, Andrea Nevedal Department of Psychology – Kristen Kennedy, Brooke Schneider
Institute of Gerontology – Andrew Bender, Michelle Leonard, Andrea Nevedal


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation Student Award – Michelle Leonard


American Psychological Association
Master's Level Completed Research Award, Division 20 – Brooke Schneider Pre-doctoral Psychology Internship – Omar Mahmood
Retirement Research Foundation Dissertation Award Division 20 – Karen Rodrigue