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The Center for Financial Safety and Health: A Critical Ingredient for Protecting Neurocognitive and Emotional Health in Older Adults
Peter Lichtenberg, PI. This is a two-year grant (beginning 3/1/2017) of $334,000 from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund to bring evidence-based financial protection services to Michigan's older adults. Based on the nationally recognized Lifespan Elder Abuse Prevention Program, the center has created Success after Financial Exploitation (SAFE).  SAFE will provide free presentations, educational workshops and one-on-one assistance to protect from financial scams and to recover from identity theft. This project builds on Dr. Lichtenberg's long-running research into financial decision-making and vulnerabilities for exploitation in older adults.

Online Evidence-based Assessments of Financial Decision-Making in Older Adults
Peter Lichtenberg, PI. The Michigan Aging and Adult Services PRVNT program granted $110,000 for the creation of secure desktop and mobile platform websites to detect, assess and prevent financial decision-making problems. This grant continues Dr. Lichtenberg's work with evidence- based assessment instruments for professional em- ployees of Adult Protective Services and the legal and financial sectors to detect vulnerabilities in the financial decision-making process. It expands the program to all Michigan counties.

Integrating Improved Assessments of Financial Judgment
Peter Lichtenberg, PI. A three-year grant of $468,000 from the National Institute of Justice to validate new screening tools to determine the capacity of older adults to make financial decisions 
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