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Low-cost Method to Identify Cognitive Impairment

Bridging Gaps in Oral Health for Detroiters

IOG Endowment Hits New Milestone

Dolly Parton's Books Connect Old and Young

IOG Director Lichtenberg Joins WSU Academy of Scholars

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Addressing the Looming Health Crisis in Sate Prisons
Bridging the Resident-Research Divide in Detroit
Life Style Changes for Brain Health
Unique Consultancy Guides Research and Outreach to Detroit's Older Adults
Training Program Names New Director
Engagement Milestones for 2022-23
Award-Winning Economics Professor and Gerontologist Retires
Age Friendly University: Emeritus Academy Works Hard to Give Back

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In this Issue:


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In this Issue:
Director Lichtenberg Leads Nation's Top Gerontology Organization
 COVID-19 & Me: Keeping Physically Safe and Mentally Well During the Pandemic
Endowment Smashes Goals
CE Trainings Expand Across Campus & the US
Discussing the Future of Aging in Michigan

In this Issue:
Silver Linings in the Darkest of Clouds
The Pandemic's Impact on the Mental Health of Older Blacks, Asians and Hispanics
Vaccination Beliefs in Older African Americans


In this Issue:

Transitions Spring 2020

New Study on Memory Loss and Money Loss

Yoga for Brain and Body

Latest Research


Transitions - Spring 2019

In this Issue:

Preventing Frailty
EEG as an Early Predictor of Alzheimer's Disease
Tools to Check Financial Decision-Making in Older Adults
Wayne Students Learn about Aging at St. Pat's Senior Center


Transitions - Fall 2018

In this issue:
$3.5 M Grant Extends Michigan Resource Center
Community Advisors Bring Critical Insights to Research
IOG Endowment Inspires Leadership Gifts
Senior Caregiver Resource Network Grows and Give

Transitions - Spring 2018

In this issue:
Investing in the Future of the IOG
Race Discrimination and Health Across the Lifespan

Associate Director to Lead Senior Alliance Board
Beyond Amyloid: Call for abstracts

Transitions - Winter 2017

In this issue:
Helping Older Adults Fight Scams and Manage Money
Flint Water Crisis:Through the Eyes of Older Adults

Cheers for Volunteers!
Helping Hannan House

Transitions - Fall 2016

In this issue:
Patience and Persistence Yield Major Grant Milestone
$3.6 Million to Continue Study of Healthy Aging 

Identifying Memory Networks in Children with Epilepsy 
A Legacy of Service to Seniors

Transitions - Spring  2016

In this issue:
How Neighborhoods Impact Stress
"Innovations" in Aging Conference
Lifespan Research Competition: And the Winner is...
CienaCares Health Chats

Transitions - Spring  2015


In this issue:
Shifting the Current in Environmental Outreach
Better Early Identification of Alzheimers?
Soar to Explore
Brain Health Training & Holiday during the Holidays


Transitions - Fall  2014


In this issue:
A Question of Judgment:
  How Older Adults Make Financial Decisions

Growing Old in Poland:
 Globel Lessons for Meaningful Againg

Scholar Spotlight: Social Class and Brain Health in
  Older African Americans


Transitions - Spring 2012

In this issue:
Reversing Myths of Immigrant Healthcare
Clicking Our Way to A Healthier Life
When It is Not Alzheimer's
The Joys of Hard Work and Long Life


Transitions - Fall  2011


In this issue:
Professor Hector González Assumes New Leadership Role 
Respecting the Person Inside the Dementia
Inside the Mind of the IOG's Newest Brain Researcher

Transitions - Spring 2011

In this issue:
Meaning and Messages in Downsizing
Ready for Tomorrow? Seniors Count Can Help
Aging the Write Way

Transitions - Fall 2010

In this issue:
IOG Alum "Delighted" to give
Hundreds of Motivated Seniors Pledge to Improve Health
Lifelong Learning with CE Partners

Transitions - Spring 2010

In this issue:
Programs Teach Healthcare Providers about Aging Issues
Exercise and Learning Help Volunteer Live to 100
Presbyterian Village of Michigan - Champions IOG Mission

Transitions - Fall 2009

In this issue:
Faculty Awarded Grant to Analyze Depression in U.S.
No Elder Left Behind, Legacy of Olivia Washington
Trainee Links Masculinity to African American Health Risks
Giving Trees at American House Spread Hope for Seniors

Transitions - Spring 2009

In this issue:
Grant Studies Costs and Effects of Prescription Drug Use
Special State Tribute Honors Dementia Work
IOG Mental Health Training Broadens its Audience

Transitions - Fall 2008

In this issue:
How Much Stuff is Enough
Training the Brain to Resist Aging's Effects
The Century Project: Endowing Research for a New Era
International Flair Fills the IOG
Prevent Illness with Health Screenings