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View complete list of Studies reviewed and approved by the IOG's Healthier Black Elder Center Community Advisory Board HERE- 2022 Spirng HEBC Newsletter: pg. 6

WALLET (Wealth Accumulations & Later-life Losses in Early cognitive Transitions) — is recruiting men and women age 60 and older who manage their own household finances, but feel like their memory is slipping. Wallet Study flyer  HERE
Questions? Contact Vanessa at 313-664-2604 or

Community-based Approach to Early Identification of Transitions to Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease in African Americans, COVID Sub-Protocol – This research seeks to improve the way we diagnosis Alzheimer's Disease in African Americans by using electroencephalogram (EEG) and computerized assessment. We are conducting a phone-only Enhanced Screening to identify those who may be a good fit for Research Studies Looking for Participants the study when in-person visits resume. You will also complete a questionnaire to assess your experiences with the Covid-19 pandemic. Participants must be African American and 65+ years old (among other criteria). Those who complete the Enhanced Screening and Covid questionnaire will be compensated for their time. Contact: ELECTRA Study Team at 313-577-1692, or email

Brain Imaging and Memory Study – Adults Age 60+ Needed 
Opportunity for healthy older adults with concerning memory complaints and/or a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) to participate in research to learn more about aging and the brain. Participants will be compensated $80 for a 6-hour visit (split over 2 days). The study includes an MRI scan, cognitive testing and saliva collection.
For more information, call (313)-664-2670 or email

Brain AgingInterested in helping research on healthy aging?
If you are right–handed, native English speaker, age 50 and older, in good health with no history of neurological or cardiac problems, please call (313) 664-2649 and ask for the "Aging Brain" study or go to for more information. The study includes: MRI scan of the brain, blood tests of cholesterol and glucose, and cognitive testing. The study involves yearly follow-up visits. Participants will receive $15 per hour plus parking expenses.

How are you coping with the Covid-19 pandemic?
Wayne State University and the University of Kentucky are studying people's social and psychological reactions to this crisis. Please help us by completing the brief, anonymous survey. Invite others to take the survey, too, and share on social media.
CLICK HERE to take the Covid-19 Experience Survey.

Supporting African American Older Adult Caregivers – African American family caregivers are needed for a research study that can be completed at home, online or in-person at Wayne State University. Participants will participate in up to 3-4 focus groups or interviews during the course of the study. Each focus group or interview will last approximately 1-2 hours for a total time commitment of approximately 4-8 hours. All participants will receive a gift card for participation. Contact: Rosanne DiZazzo - Miller at 313-993-3970 or