Chaitali Anand
Medicine & Neuroscience
Rebecca Campbell
Clinical Neuropsychology / Graduate Research Assistant
Caitlin Cassady
Anthropology & Social Work PhD Student, Graduate Research Assistant
Adit Doza
PhD Candidate in Economics (A.B.D), July 2019 (expected), Graduate Research Assistant
Evan Gross
Clinical Neuropsychology Doctoral Candidate
Jessica Hayes
Doctoral Student in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience
Roya Homayouni
Cognitive Neuroscience / Graduate Teaching Assistant
Indrakshi Roy
Health Economics PhD Candidate
Jonathan Sober
Clinical Neuropsychology
Erika Squires
Communication Sciences and Disorders Doctoral Student
Lingfei Tang
Cognitive Neuroscience / PhD Candidate
Mohammad Usama Toseef
PhD Canditate in Economics, Graduate Research Assistant
Raymond Viviano
Cognitive Neuroscience
Qijing Yu
Cognitive Neuroscience Graduate Research Assistant