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Lichtenberg Wins Lawton Award for Improving Lives of Older Adults (July 2017)
IOG Faculty Gets Top Citation Honor (July 2017)
$9M for Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Center (Aug 2017)
Taking Aging by Storm: 2017 Art of Aging Successfully Conference (Apr 2017)

$3.6M NIH Grant for Dr. Raz Research on Alzheimer's and Other Dementias (Sept 2016)
IOG Director Lichtenberg Appointed to Governor's Commission on Aging (Aug 2016)
Cognitive Neuroscientist Wins $1.9M to Study the Brains of Children with Epilepsy (July 2016)

IOG Partners with Cedarbrook Senior Residence to Create Center of Excellence (12-1-15)
$5.7 M Grant to Detect Early Signs of Alzheimer's in Latinos (11-16-15)
IOG Director Addresses National Institute of Medicine about Older Adult Fraud (June 2015)
Lichtenberg Receives SAVE Award for Elder Abuse Research (June 2015)
EEG for Early Alzheimer's Diagnosis (Apr 2015)
Art of Aging Successfully Conference (Apr 2015)

Lichtenberg Briefs Congress on Financial Exploitation (Nov 2014)
Science Behind Brain Training Questioned (Nov 2014)
Art of Aging Successfully Conference (Mar 2014)

Financial Abuse of Older Adults Film and Panel Discussion (2013)
Film Event Spotlights Alarming Increase in Financial Abuse of Older Adults (2013)
Gerontology Economics Professor Wins Top Lily Prize (2013)
Health Reception Honors and Educates Detroit's Black Elders (2013)
Mark Luborsky Appointed to Prestigious Karolinska Institute (2013)
Made in Michigan Art Conference Draws 500 Seniors (2013)

$2.7 M Grant Helps Detroit's Black Elders (2012)
Odessa Jackson Wins Ability is Ageless Award (2012)
How Veteran's Cope with Spinal Cord Injury (2012)
IOG's Pat Rencher Named a Commission on Aging (2012)
Detroit Seniors Learn to Fish Healthy (2012)
IOG Training Reaches Saginaw Audience (2012)

Predicting Alzheimer's Disease (2011)
Invisible Poverty Hits 1 in 3 Michigan Seniors (2011)
IOG Director Wins APA Award (2011)
Streamlining Medicare and Medicaid (2011)

Holiday Hope for Seniors from American House Foundation (2010)
Trees Glow with American House Fndtn Gifts for Seniors (2010)
Routine Tests Could Predict Cognitive Decline (2010)

IOG Director Edits Once-A-Decade Journal on Alzheimer's (2009)

American House Foundation Gives Food & Warm Clothes to Detroit Seniors (2008)
Older Adults at High Risk for Gambling Problems (2008)
New Foundation to Help Detroit's Elderly (2008)