Center for Financial Safety & Health

The Center for Financial Safety & Health helps older adults and caregivers understand the basics of sound financial planning, protect themselves from scams and exploitation, and recover financial health after a scam or identity theft. The Center is an outgrowth of Dr. Peter Lichtenberg's nationally acclaimed research on financial decision-making in older adults and how to decrease older persons' vulnerability to exploitation.

Financial Decision-Making - Journal publications and media coverage
Financial Gerontology - Discription of research grant focused on financial issues affecting older adults

Commununity Engagement
Taking Control of Your Financial Health - Interactive workshops for persons age 50+ to improve financial literacy
Success after Financial Exploitation (SAFE) -  One-on-one help to recover from scams or ID theft, plus group presentations on protecting your finances.

If you your organization is interested in providing this programming please contact LaToya Hall at 313-664-2604 or

The Center for Financial Safety & Health is supported by grants from the State of Michigan, the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, and the American House Foundation. The Center includes research into how older adults make financial decisions, as well as Dr. Lichtenberg's assessment tools to help financial services professionals identify clients at risk of financial exploitation. SAFE, the outreach arm of the Center, connects with older adults and caregivers directly to build financial skills and empower them to spot and prevent scams.