Taking Control of Your Financial Health

Taking Control of Your Financial Health is interactive programming designed by WSU's Institute of Gerontology. Workshops are run by WSU employees with lunch or breakfast provided by Heartland Healthcare and printed take home materials are provided. This free programming is suitable for adults 50+ in groups of 15-25 participants per workshop. Your participants will learn how to: 

  • Protect themselves from financial fraud and scams
  • Build financial management skills 
  • Plan for a healthy retirement
  • Navigate the world of credit 

If you your organization is interested in providing this programming please contact LaToya Hall at 313-664-2604 or l.hall@wayne.edu.

  Protecting Yourself from Financial Exploitation

  • Learn the warning signs of financial fraud and scams and who the perpetrators often are 
  • Learn ways to protect yourself or your loved one from exploitation 
  • Role playing to strengthen skills in fraud prevention 

  Retirement and Estate Planning

  • Understand the 3-legged model of a healthy retirement: social security, savings, employer sponsored plans
  • Introduction and evaluation of investment products including liquidity, risk and interest
  • Powers of Attorney, Wills and other recommended documents

   Household Finance

  • Goal setting and how our values effect our financial decision making
  • Calculating net worth and creating retirement spending plans
  • Budgeting exercises and worksheets to assist in better understanding 

  Understanding Credit

  • Understand how your credit score is calculated and how to maximize your score
  • Learn how to use credit to your advantage including lowering interest and insurance rates
  • Information on different types of credit available 

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