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Senior Writing Workshop

Engage and Educate Older Adults and Caregivers

The Institute of Gerontology has long been a leader in outreach to seniors and their caregivers. As a nationally recognized authority on aging, we conduct scientific research and disseminate findings with a mission to improve the health and well-being of older adults. Our team of faculty, students and staff, as well as countless volunteers shares a passion and dedication to successful aging. Their talent and expertise combine to create the community outreach programs detailed here.

Senior & Caregiver Calendar

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Annual Art of Aging Successfully Conference
The IOG's Art of Aging Successfully conference is an extraordinary day of art displays and specialized workshops.Hundreds of seniors attend ranging in age from 50 to 97. Art of Aging Successfully is not a craft show but an entertaining and educational conference to motivate older adults to embrace creative expression as a way to share their life experiences. Contact Donna MacDonald at (313) 664-2605 or

Healthier Black Elders Center
Older African Americans have much higher rates of chronic disease and poverty than older Caucasians, a disparity that the IOG has investigated for over a decade. As one means of reversing this trend, building trust and bringing health interventions into the African American, the IOG created the Healthier Black Elders Center.

Healthier Black Elders Lunch & Learn Series
HBEC is committed to providing Detroit's seniors and their families with current knowledge about aging and health. The HBEC's free Lunch & Learn series has expanded to include new locations with a broader list of speakers and topics. The learning series are held monthly February through April and again in October and November on a weekday at various metro locations. Contact LaToya Hall at 313-664-2604 or